Understand your Return on CX

Can you measure the relationship between your
CX initiatives and customer value?

There is plenty of evidence that customer centric companies
grow faster and make more money - the NPS evidence. It seems
to us that the “...and they will buy more and they will stay longer”
is silent in many CX projects.

Prove your investments in

CX generate a positive ROI

ROCX® couples the science of attribution and data driven marketing to clearly understand your Return on CX - and to make money along the way

ROCX® will help you prove if your CX program is producing value and how. Including which initiatives and drivers are having the biggest CX impact - providing guidance for future CX initiatives.


How ROCX® Works

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Marketing models are built using customer & third-party data to get the big picture

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"Next Best Offer" campaigns are designed and run based on the model

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In parallel, CX scoring systems are implemented to measure & analyse customer feedback

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CX measures are introduced into the marketing model to identify the contributing CX

We work with your marketing team to execute marketing campaigns to test the value of the models in generating a lift in sales. This work occurs in monthly cycles and as NPS data becomes available it is incorporated into the model, assessed and used for predictive value that is established.

What you can expect

  • An uplift in sales from the Next Best Offer campaign
  • An additional uplift in sales that can be attributed to improvements in NPS
  • An optimised marketing model that can be carried forward to future campaigns
  • A business case for NPS expansion that is based on measurable sales growth
  • A summary of results and a Recommended Action Plan

The result will also include a comprehensive report that can form the heart of a business plan justifying CX (and targeted marketing) investments by demonstrating positive returns

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